Global, Social and Ethical Issues

A new technology is invented that will allow African inhabitants to be able to clean dirty river water and then be able to cook and clean with healthy, fresh water. Define the Global, Social and Ethical issues involved with this technology.

What exactly does this mean? Read on to discover Social, Global and Ethical issues and how to define them.

Global Issues

Global issues are defined as any problems we can determine that will affect the world on a global scale.

Issues like Global Warming, Poverty, and other problems that every citizen can face are examples of a global problem



Social Issues

Social Issues are issues that can affect a certain social group. Groups like your local tennis club, a school, or even a race of people are included in problems that face them on a social scale.


Ethical Issues

Ethical issues are issues that can be affected by the moral obligations of everyday people.
Issues like truth vs. dishonesty are the main issues that can be defined as an ethical issue.

In the ITGS class, we use Social, Ethical and Global issues constantly. Our journals, current events and tests often require us to examine an issues and define the Global, Social and Ethical problems that go along with it. It is an important life skill to be able to observe an issue and be able to look past the face value and decide what the real problem of the issue is.

Some issues are small, like a school needing new computers. Some issues are very large, like pollution and the digital divide. Acknowledging theseissues is the first step in becoming a global citizenship and an active member in our society.
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