1. What is ITGS?

  • The IB Diploma Programme information technology in a global society (ITGS) course is the study and evaluation of the impacts of information technology (IT) on individuals and society.

2. Is this an HL(higher level) or SL (standard level) class?

  • This will be determined by administration.

3. Is the IB exam mandatory? Midterms? Class exam?

  • The IB exam is optional. The IB exams have a cost; they work similarly to the way AP exams are run. The midterms and class exams are however mandatory.

4. If you're only in one IB class, are you considered to be a part of the IB programme?

  • Yes, you are a part of the IB programme even if you are only taking one class.

5. Do you have to take both semesters of ITGS?

  • TBA- This current school year only one semester is being offered of ITGS. In the future there will be two semesters offered with a Higher Level (HL) and a Standard Level (SL). Whether you'll have to take both semester is to be announced by the IB coordinator.

6. What grade level(s) is allowed to take to take ITGS?

  • You must be in either 11th and or 12th grade to partake in any IB class, including ITGS.

7. Are there any prerequistes to take this class?

  • There aren't any prerequistes to take this class. You don't have to be in any other IB classes to take ITGS either.

8. Is "The Project" the equivalent to internal assessments in other IB courses?

  • There are internal and external assements for the standard level and higher level parts of ITGS. See "The Project" tab and download the power point for more details.