2.6 Politics and Government


Topic One: Political Processes
Examples: Online campaigning, voting, lobbying, fund-raising and advertising.
Topic Two: Government information sites
Examples: For example, travel warnings, tourist information, environmental information and warnings, government policies, city government websites.
Topic Three: Access to, and updating of, personal information held on government databases
Examples: Collection, storage and updating of personal data: for example, driving license, TV license, tax returns, passport applications and renewals, medical records, military service records, social security information, online police records.
Topic Four: Government control and use of information
Examples: Censorship, data matching across agencies, archiving, biometric data, national identity cards.
Topic Five: Law and Order
Examples: Police surveillance, terrorist monitoring, DNA data.
Topic Six: Military
Examples: Cyber warfare, smart weapons, espionage, battlefield technology.

Still don't understand? Here's a good example...
Collection, Storage, and Updating of personal data:
Collection, Storage, and Updating of personal data creates many ITGS issues, for example:
1. Personal Data put in the hands of the wrong person can cause many problems.
If someone has your drivers license, passport application, or even medical records, the person handling them may end up messing up when they
are entering that information into a computer, which could cause even larger problems.
2. Identity Theft
When all of your personal information is put on the internet, hackers may hack into the computer and steal all of your information and using it
for other reasons.