2.5 Home and Leisure


Topic One: Home and home networks
Examples: IT management of home systems: for example, lighting, security, entertainment centres.
Topic Two: Digital entertainment
Examples: Films, photographs, music, arts, online and digital games, gambling, virtual worlds.
Topic Three: Social networking
Examples: Chat rooms, messaging, blogging, file sharing, wikis.
Topic Four: Published and broadcast information
Examples: Books, newspapers, digital radio and TV, e-books, podcasts
Topic Five: Digital policing
Examples: Monitoring organizations such as the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)
Topic Six: Hardware, software and networks
Examples: Portable digital devices and their ability to remotely control other devices, IT-enabled appliances.

Still don't understand? Here's a good example...
Social Networking
Social Networking creates many ITGS related issues, for example:
1. Cyberbullying
There are incidents where cyber bullying has gone so over the top that many teens become depressed and even commit suicide.
2. A user pretends that he/she is someone else and will develop a relationship with someone online.
Often times, when this happens, the fake user tells the other user to meet up some place, which may result in kidnapping, murder, or other extreme cases

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