2.1 Business and Employment

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Three types: Traditional Business, Online Business (E-commerce), and Transportation
Topic One: Traditional Businesses
Examples: Banks, ATM (automatic teller machines), EFT (electronic funds transfer), hotels, supermarkets, travel agencies.
Topic Two: Online Businesses (E-Commerce)
Examples: Working practices such as teleworking and home working.
Topic Three: Transportation:
Examples: Airline reservation systems, navigation, package tracking, traffic control systems, IT systems in cars.

Still dont understand? Here's a good example...
Robots create many ITGS related issue, for example:
1. They exemplify the creation of more IT systems and peoples dependency on technology.
~100 years ago, technology wasn't a term that people used everyday. But in todays world, we are constantly using different technologies,
and we have grown increasingly dependent on it.
2. Though they are extremely helpful, they create many different problems.
~Employment rates decrease because robot jobs take over.
~People become too dependent on robots, when they may malfunction, which could slow the production rate.
~Some places, like underdeveloped countries, may not have access to advanced technology such as robots.

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